M3 3-Way manifold


One 1/8" female inlet
and three 1/8" male outlets
Each outlet comes with a regulator

  BT05 Airbrush Cleaner


Jelly fish outlook
Airbrush holder
Clean pot
Glass pot to provide weight balance

3 IN 1 Clean Pot
- Clean pot
- Airbrush holder
- Palette

The latest design clean pot is not only for cleaning the residual paints in airbrushes, but also provides 2 extra functions. One is the cap which can be used as the palette and water cap. The other is airbrush holder.

Glass pot providing more weight at the bottom

Height: 5 inch
Diameter of the bottom: 5 inch
  PK01 Pattern Knif


Special design of agile head knif joint - easy to cut curve line, not only the straight line
Cut any pattern on masking film
Five colorways: Red, Yellow, Black, Purple, Green

  HD160 Multi-holder


Place 6 airbrushes
Storage of varied shape
of paint jars
Extra space by adding of removing petal plate & round plate to meet your need

  HD-150 Holder
HD-150A (W/detechable filter holder)

Easy to installation, fix on table for your airbrush kits, suitable for professional airbrush arts painting requirement.


Maximum hold: 4 sets
Turning angle: 360 o
Holder direction: 2 directions

  SB001 Spray Booth


Motor: 16.5W
Airflow: 114 m3/hr
N.W.: 5 kg
Size: 450X565X380mm
Annex:1.5M expension pipe
Hive paper
Filter paper
Airbrush holder

  CK Airbrush Cleaning Kit


5-piece kit
The diameter of each brush is 2mm, 2.5mm, 3.2mm, 4mm & 5mm
Nylon bristles & Stainless steel

F20 (Moisture Filter)
Length (inch): 4.5
Max service pressure (kgf/cm): 10.2
Max flow (1/min): 1000-1100
Operating Temp Range ( J ): 5-60





(Moisture Filter with regulator and pressure gauge)

Length (inch): 7 inch
Adj. service pressure (kgf/cm): 0.5-9.9
Max service pressure (kgf/cm): 10.2
Max flow (1/min): 1000-1100
Operating Temp Range ( J ): 5-60

  RG Pressure regulator and gauge


Both side 1/8" female outlet with two 1/8" male connectors
Max service pressure(kgf/cm): 9.5
Adj. service pressure(kgf/cm): 0.5-8

  CA 10' Coil airhose


with connector 1/4'and 1/8'

BA10 Braided airhose

with connector 1/4" and 1/8"

BA15 Braided airhose

with connector 1/4" and 1/8"

Quick disconnect & adaptors and Glass paint jar

Glass paint jar
Jars size: 3/4 oz.
Solvent-proof glass, easy to clean up.